T 3485 tehniskie dating

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When I get the upper and lower halves completely finished, detailed and weathered I’ll take some photographs and upload them. I also finished assembling the tracks which were literally a snap. Here are some pictures of the tank with the turret assembled but not glued together.

And finally pictures of the underside of the turret looking inside. The paint application by airbrush was in the following order: I must say that I’m completely satisfied with the appearance yet.

The ammo storage assembly went together well and looks nice in the lower turret half.More to be done on the tracks – perhaps they will look better when I weather the road wheel areas and add some dust etc.I also glued the turret halves together and used Tamiya putty over the seam area and Tamiya liquid surface primer on the seams by the gun mantle.This will allow the transmission and brake area to be visible.The drivers hatch has also been finished and detailed.

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I have yet to finish the detail painting of the inside the the top part of the tank hull.